4 Best Latin American Countries to Work in

Choosing the country to work in can be difficult. You are torn with a lot of options— from working visa to wages. And before delving into a new country, you need to have at least a slightest idea what are the best countries in South America when it comes to working. Take into account the cost of living of a country because it will greatly affect the working environment and of course, the wage.

So don’t rush and plan carefully. And to give you tips, here are the top 4 countries with corresponding best cities, to work in South America. Let the planning begin!


The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Before anything else, the city of Buenos Aires is distinct from the province of Buenos Aires. The city of Buenos Aires is an autonomous district and the capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires is the top pick for people who want to work in South America. The city is ideally located in the in the western coast of Río de la Plataone’s estuary, making it one of the busiest ports in South America.

La Plata

For the province of Buenos Aires, it’s capital is the La Plata Argentina. Just like the city of Buenos Aires, La Plata is also a good choice for outsiders because of its economic stability, considering the tourism and financial aspect of the country. La Plata is more laid-back than the busy Buenos Aires.

Mar del Plata

Because of its massive fishing ports, Mar del Plata is another place to work in Argentina. This Argentine city has the largest seaside beach resort in the country. The work in the city is primarily associated with marine living as it is tagged as the Sea of the Plate region in Argentina. So if you want a very peaceful work environment, Mar del Plata could be your working destination.


The overlooking view of Brazil

San Paulo

San Paulo may not be the capital of Brazil, but it is the hub of commercialization in the whole country. And did you know that in the latest ranking of cities by GDP, San Paulo ranked 6th in the world? That makes the city a very notable place to work for, not just in South America, but in the whole world.

Belo Horizonte

Strategically located in the Brazilian chief economic axis, Belo Horizonte’s economy is flourishing. The city is vividly rich with ores, gemstones and gold. Thus, production of textiles, steel products, automobiles, and the like are the primary industries in the city. And being the strategic principal of the booming industry of Brazil, Belo Horizonte is affluent in biotechnology, business tourism, computer science and jewelry making.

Porto Alegre

Foreigners can also choose to work in Porto Alegre. The city is considered as a very important city in Brazil because of its significant location, which is at the junctions of five prominent rivers. Apart from the ideal location, it is also one of the major commercial and industrial hubs in the country.


The beaming capital, Bogota


The capital city of Bogotá is the primary business center of Colombia. Thus, overseas workers are enticed to work in the city because of its growing economy in the field of tourism and construction. And with the massive and aggressive efforts of the government to get rid of the narcotics issue in the country, Bogotá is surely a great working environment for foreigners.


As a port city, Cartagena’s prominent employment is a combination of marine and industrial living. Taking into account the stunning natural attractions in the city, tourism has become the stronghold of its economy. But apart from that, there are also huge companies in the area such as Miss Colombia, Cementos Argos, Vikings SA, Cemex, Dole Amazon Pepper and many more.


Panoramic Ecuador city view


Being the capital and the largest city of Ecuador, Quito has become the center of financial, industrial, oil and commercial business in the country. Some of the largest companies in Ecuador have its headquarters in Quito, like the TAME and Petroecuador. Thus, foreigners will not have a hard time looking for work in the city as it is one of the country’s very  important and prominent economic region.


Aside from being considered as one of the popular tourist attractions in Ecuador, Guayaquil is also great place for working abroad. The informal trade in the city gives a lot of employment offerings for the locals and foreigners. Some of the major basis of income in Guayaquil are agriculture, business and aquaculture. The Port of Guayaquil makes the city a very vital commercial port in the whole country.

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