5 reasons why learning a foreign language is helpful in professional life

As the economy has become global now, knowing a second language is an asset. If you know additional languages like Spanish, French or Mandarin, then you have a huge demand in the job market. Here are the reasons why knowing a foreign language helps.

1. Marketability

When writing a resume, you can use your knowledge of a second language in highlighting your resume and making it unique compared to the others. So, your resume has a high chance of being picked up.

2. Distinguishability

The job competition is intense now. It is essential to find ways to differentiate yourself from the others. If there are 10 candidates having similar skill sets, educational background and experiences, then knowing a foreign language can separate you from the others.

3. Building relationships

By knowing a foreign language, you can form relationships with different cultural groups. By speaking to someone in his or her language will help allow the person to feel more comfortable and confident.

4. Appeal to global companies

Many people want to work in international companies. There are companies who are expanding their operations in many other countries. By knowing a second language, you can easily mix in a different culture. You can showcase yourself as a global employee.

5. Improves other business skills

Research has indicated that those who know a second language are more creative and have better problem-solving skills. They are also good at multitasking.

So, knowing a second language can give you an edge over others, and you can progress more in your career. It also boosts your confidence level in whatever you do.

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