Best South American Companies to Work For

One of the main reasons why people work abroad is the high income, which could not be satisfied by their own countries. If you have decided to try your luck in one of the South American countries, you might as well consider these top-rated companies.

Local Companies in south america


This top-rated company, not just in Brazil, but in the entire South America, is in line with manufacturing, production and energy distribution. With its prominent industries, it has helped a lot of locals and foreigners to have a job.



A notable company in retail industry, Gazin has more than 7,000 number of employees. There are several Gazin upholstery shops and electronics store in Brazil, making it a well-liked company in the country.


Cool advertisement by Liderman

For those who are looking for work in the professional and security services, Liderman is a great choice. The company has two offices in South America, one in Ecuador and the other in Peru. And since their industry is affliated with manpower, there are over 11, 000 people working for the company.

Coosalud E.S.S. E.P.S.S

Being one of the major insurers in Colombia, Coosalud E.S.S. E.P.S.S generates a lot of jobs for the people. You don’t have to be a health professional to land a job in the company since they offer direct and indirect jobs.


Based in Chile, Transbank is another top hit when it comes to the best South American companies to work for. The company focuses in financial services and insurance all over the country.



Magazine Luiza

With a whopping 24, 000 employees, Magazine Lucia is really a great playmaker in the employment sector of South America, especially in Brazil.  Its online platform offers retail services for all types, from fashion trends to latest electronics.

Embraer S.A.

Work on top of the world with Embraer

If you have a thing about flying up in the sky, then Embraer S.A. could be an ideal company to work for. This company in Brazil is operating in line with aeronautics or airline industry.

Banco Losango

Banco Losango is a nice option for working individuals in services like financial, insurance, credit and banking. It is one of the recognized banks in Brazil because of its quality service and notable employment status.

Supermercados Peruanos

As a company that focuses in retail, food and grocery, Supermercados Peruanos has generated numerous jobs for the people in Peru. Currently, there are almost 15, 000 employees working for company.

Special Dog

Dog lovers would really love working in Special Dog. This pet-friendly company is located in Brazil and emphasizes in manufacturing and production of dog food products.


International Companies in South America


This multinational company has extended its coverage in South America. Cisco has offices in Brazil, Chile and Colombia that manufactures technology services and products all over the world.


The iconic Dell Icon

When we talk about laptops, Dell is one of the most talk about brands. It has strive for its reputation of quality products and impressive support. And they have constructed a satellite office in Brazil.


Accor operates in 94 countries worldwide and in South America, there are hotels in Brazil, Chile and Peru. This company provides accommodation, ranging from budget lodgings to five-star hotels. And with that, there are over 11,000 employees for the 3 countries combined.

MonsantoC Johnson

A prominent multinational company in the field of agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology, Accor has also expanded to Brazil. The company is one of the leading producers of genetically engineered seed and Roundup. These words are jargon in general, but if you are into science, you will surely love working with them.

JW Marriott

Classy JW Marriott in Rio de Janerio

JW Marriott will always be associated with luxury accommodation. Tourism individuals are great for this company. They have hotels in Lima Peru, Cusco Peru, San Paulo Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Bogota Colombia, Cali Colombia, Quito Ecuador and Buenos Aires Argentina.

SC Johnson

The company has offices in 72 countries and that includes Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. If you’re wondering what is the company all about, just think of Mr. Muscle, Pledge, Ziploc,  OFF!, Kiwi and Baygon. These are just some of the very popular products of SC Johnson.


Talking about beauty and health services, Belcorp is a top-rated company in all over the world. And with its prominence, it extended its office in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Costa Rica.


For techies, Oracle is an iconic company. It has produced noteworthy applications, products and services that are significantly used in the current generation. And because of the company’s significance in technology, it has spread out to different continents, including South America.


Sweet treats with Mars

A global manufacturer of delicious treats, Mars is ideal for people who want to work with chocolates. Yes, Mars Inc. is the company behind the well-loved treats  like M&M’s, Snickers, Maltesers, Galaxy, Twix,  Bounty and of course, Mars.


As a Spanish insurance company, it  is ideal to have offices in South American countries. And over the years, Mafre has extended its services specifically in Peru and Brazil.


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