Top Things to Do on your Vacation Leave in South America

Work could be very demanding and tiring because of countless paper works and stressful overtimes.

So before you lose your sanity, take a break and leave the frantic work life. Your life should not be limited with the home-work-home routine. Always insert fun! And since you’re in South America, you’re one lucky pal. You’re just moments away from the calming spots and exciting adventures of this very fun-filled continent.


Towering falls at its best

This massive creation of nature will make you forget all your work dramas. At 20 km high, Iguazu Falls has been tagged as one of the most breathtaking falls in the whole world. And on an aerial view, the falls has a very peculiar shape, like a very deep human throat. And over time, Iguazu Falls got its nickname as the ‘Devil’s throat’.

Its splendor is a clear proof that the place is worthy to be visited on one of your vacation leaves or rest days. You’ll never regret witnessing this striking natural wonder.


Stunning view and creation in Peru

The picture says it all— impressively beautiful. Such intricate construction years ago will make you attest, that human beings from the past were gifted with creative minds and of course, patience. Though it is still vague as to why the Incas chose a mountain ridge for the location of their citadel, the contemporary people are way too blessed to see the beauty of their creation.


Surreal walking experience

Walking never looked so stunning, except in Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia. Considered as the largest salt flat in the whole world, this dreamy place must be on your bucket list. Prepare your camera skills because this place is just too perfect for a photography session.


Starry, starry night at Lake Titicaca

You don’t need to be an astronaut to witness the milky way because your eyes can feast the phenomenal scenery in Lake Titicaca. Located in Peru, this lake offers not just the best scenery at daytime, but also glimmering panorama at night. As soon as the sun meets its horizon, the place is filled with thousand stars, brightly twinkling on the sky. Oh, what a great way to for a calming retreat.


Be at awe with Christ the Redeemer

Overlooking view of Brazil’s cityscape

With an impressive height of 98 ft, this religious structure will never be overlooked by anyone. Christ the Redeemer is ideally constructed in the Corcovado mountain of Brazil. On your vacation leave, don’t miss to visit this giant and iconic construction of the Brazilians.


Sail to Antarctica

Leave your cold heart at Antarctica

Just across South America, Antarctica is a very calming and chilly getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. You will also have the chance to meet some adorable and fluffy creatures in the continent, the penguins. However, beware the penguins in real life are little less adorable.


Mesmerize with the Caño Cristales

When colors collide

Have you ever witnessed a river with 5 colors? Then check out the Caño Cristales or also known as the ‘River of Five Colors’. The river has surprisingly five shades— red, yellow, green, blue and black because of different entities like plants, rocks, algae, sand and water that were attractively mixed together.

Aside from its fascinating beauty, you can also swim at the vibrant river. Don’t worry, it’s safe to go for a dip.



Swing at the end of the world, literally!

If you’re up for a move stimulating vacation leave in South America, don’t forego one of the most exciting adventures in your life and go swinging at Casa del Arbol. With no safety gears at all, it may appear that you’re risking your life for one stupid yet satisfying move. But seriously, all you need is your gut to get on this rope and swing yourself at the end of the world.



Witness the geyser stunts in El Tatio

Geysers in playful action

In the Andes Mountains, Chile, you can watch how the geysers do its own magical stunts. Geysers happen when an icy underground river hit some sizzling rocks.

A tip to everyone: You need to wake up as early as 4 AM so that you can fully enjoy the geysers on action plus the stunning sunrise.


Experience the fun with a Football game

Be one with the football fanatics!

Before you go back to your boring work, be sure to watch a football game for once. You’ll never experience the feeling of being one with the crowd as you enjoy the sport that you love


See More of the World by Working in South America

Working abroad is a combination of sacrifices and explorations. And in South America, you will realize that you can actually have both— work and leisure, all in one.

Now, it’s time to work, while you enjoy the beauty of South American countries because without a doubt, these countries are far more exciting than the others.


The Paris in South America, Buenos Aires


Some of the top rated places to work and live in are situated in the country of Argentina. Amongst all other Latin countries, Argentina is the top pick when it comes to employment From the cost of living to the working environment, foreigners are really captivated with its flourishing economy. There are a lot of job selections and even accommodations in the city as it is the hub of commercialization in the country. Thus, it will not be very hard to deal with the new surroundings.


Tango in the streets of Plaza Dorrego


Aside from that, the capital city of Argentina is also rich with impressive attractions that will be perfect for your vacation leave. Some of the spots you should not miss are Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta Cemetery, Iguazu Falls, Teatro Colón, Museo Nacional de Belles Artes and many more. A far more relaxing vacation can be carried out in the serene Los Glaciares National Park. And on Sundays, you can head on to the markets in Plaza Dorrego and you’ll witness the tango dancers swaying into the beat of the street music.



Shimmering coastline of Brazil city


As one of the most popular countries in South America, Brazil is a great place to work and enjoy. Working in a Brazil means working in a more relaxed environment. Brazilians know how to balance their work and personal life and with that the government mandates of a one-month paid vacation— 22 paid vacation days and 8 paid public holidays.

Some of the best cities to work in Brazil are San Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Each city has its own and distinct industries that help for the growing economy of the whole country.

Worldwide attraction, Christ the Redeemer


With the given one-month paid vacation leave, you will definitely enjoy all the tourists spots of the country. On your vacation, you can start by the ever renowned, Christ the Redeemer. The giant statue is not just known in the country, but all over the world.

Another striking spots in the country that you need to visit at least once are Corcovado, Fernando de Noronha, Amazon Theatre, Manaus and Tijuca Forest. Also, Brazil will not be the same without the very well-admired sport, football. Experience the football mania in one of the known stadiums in Brazil, the Maracanã.



The impressive Cartagena structures


The history of the country’s infamous controversies has long been buried in the past and the now, Colombia is on the verge of its constructive economy. With its vast rainforest, impressive coastlines and urban centers, no doubt foreigners are enticed to work in Colombia. The most notable cities to work in the country are the capital city Bogotá and port city Cartagena.

The calming Tayrona National Natural Park


Never forget to take a break from the frenzied city life and Colombia has a lot to offer to keep you sane all throughout your stay in the country.

Since Colombia is well-known for its gold rush, then you should visit the Gold Museum in Bogotá. If you’re an art lover and a history fanatic, Colombian National Museum Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, Barefoot Park are the ideal places for you.



The vibrant city life in Peru


Peru is known for its rich biodiversity and main exports such as textiles and minerals. With this, there are a lot of employment in the field of mining, agriculture, farming and fishing. Consequently, the World Bank has classified Peru as an upper middle income, making it very attractive for tourists who want to work in the country.

Stunning work of art in Machu Picchu


If you’re too stress from work, don’t worry because employees are entitled for a 30-calendar days of annual leave. Aside from the distinguished Machu Picchu, you can also explore other breathtaking sceneries such as Sacred Valley, Moray and Saksaywaman.


The spectacular Santiago de Chile


As one of the most steady countries in South America, Chile is another notable choice if you want to work abroad. Mining is a prominent industry in the country and Escondida is the biggest copper mine in the world.

Unique structures in Easter Island


Despite of your work schedule, you can still find time to relax. And Chile is a great place to work and also unwind. Most of the recognized attractions in the country are San Cristóbal Hill, Valle de la Luna, Torres del Paine National Park and Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino.

How to Survive Working in South America

Are you ready to work in South America?

South American countries are unique from other countries around the world, from the local traits to the work ethics. And every Latin country is distinct amongst other neighboring states. Thus, you need to take into consideration some insights before you move to the country for work or for good.

Planning and embracing the diverse characteristics and varied cultures may be tough, so better be geared up ahead of time. To help you survive on your South America journey, check out this guide and for sure you’ll thank us later.

Plan Ahead

Young happy woman with backpack standing on a rock with raised hands and looking to a valley belowBe prepared and plan ahead

Working or living abroad needs carefully planning. You don’t just move to another country because of temporary feelings. It’s more on considering things in the long run. Ask these questions: What country will you work in? How long will you stay in South America? Is your working visa ready? Do you have some relatives in such foreign land? Where will you stay in the country? Are my savings enough?

Be sure to answer these questions before delving into a whole new world. You might be overwhelmed with the foreign surroundings or get disappointed with the whole situation. Moving in a new country is a one hard and mature decision. Don’t be in a rush and keep your thoughts straight.


Learn the Language

Practice your Spanish skills

There are a lot of languages in South America such as English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Quechua, but the most prominent is Spanish. Before you head on to the unknown, prepare some basic greetings in your vocabulary like Hola, Mucho gusto, Gracías and the like. Learn  the typical day to day words for a smoother conversation.

You can also make use of internet tutorials or Spanish subjects to hone your language. Knowing the language ahead will make your working life in South America easier, promise.

Make New Friends

Hola Amiga!

It’s always better if you have a friend, someone whom you can talk to, someone whom you can share your problems with and someone that will be there for you. Especially in working abroad, there are really times when you get homesick. And if you have friends, you can divert your sadness into happiness.

Go out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Friendships are made in the most unconventional way. Whatever the nationality or race, friends are friends.

Embrace the Culture

Make your life simple by culture appreciation

There are different cultures in South America that you need to take into account. Embracing the different traditions and even the work ethics will make you appreciate your work more. Yes, it will be very hard on the first phase but eventually you will learn how to deal with them.

Unlike other nationalities, Latin American lives by the principle of  “The Take it Easy Time Zone’. It does not mean that South Americans are lazy. They just believe that some things are out of their control. There are also times that they become idle, but it does not affect their productivity.

And as a whole, Latin countries has very interesting political situations, but don’t get too preoccupied with the issues in the government.

Stay Healthy

Eat healthy to stay healthy

One of the most toughest things to handle while working abroad is sickness in all forms, whether it’s physical or emotional sickness. Being miles away from your loved ones is really disheartening and that can be the reason why you get sick.

Yes, living all by yourself or with strange people can test your stamina. But you can avoid getting sick by eating the right food, exercising and living a happy life. Look at the bright side even at the darkest time. Treat yourself once in a while because you deserve it. Sometimes, it’s all about the mindset.

Go on a Vacation

Pack your bags and explore the world

Don’t drown in sorrow and go on a vacation. You deserve to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work life. Since you are in South America, you will have a lot of options to explore. If you want to have a more lively vacation, hike to Machu Picchu, Peru. You can also have a stirring and satisfying trip in Iguazu Falls, Argentina or Angel Falls, Venezuela. For workers who want to try something unique, visit Salar de Uyuni. And if you’re into iconic structure, then the best place for you is Christ the Redeemer.

These are just some of the recognized attractions in South America and there are a lot more. Never limit yourself with happiness because you worked for it. Thus, you’re worth it.


How to Get a South American Visa

If you have decided to work in South America, you’re on the next phase in fulfilling your dreams. And to help you, here’s a step-by-step guide for anyone who wishes to work in some of the top-rated South American countries.


You can apply online or through agencies if you want to work abroad. You cannot just move to a country without following the employment regulations stated by the state. It is advisable to have a legal working permit before traveling to South America.

Be sure to choose jobs from authentic agencies in your country because you might end up with regret and hatred once you know that you dealt with bogus companies. And if you’re trying to land a job through online, choose the genuine and direct sites of the company.




Countless paper works for your working visa

These are some of the general requirements for a working visa in each country. However, the consulate in your country may require additional documents that are deemed necessary for your work abroad.


Argentina Visa Requirements

  • valid passport for at least 18 months
  • photocopy of passport
  • employment contract with the company in Argentina
  • birth certificate in Spanish
  • marital certification in Spanish (if married)
  • three passport-sized photographs (4×4 in light blue background and ¾ profile right side)


Bolivia Visa Requirements

  • valid passport for at least 6 months
  • application form
  • three passport-sized photographs (4cmx4cm)
  • request letter signed by the company you will work for
  • flight itinerary
  • international vaccination certificate

Brazil Visa Requirements

  • valid passport
  • photocopy of passport
  • work permit application form
  • three recent 2 x 2 passport-sized photographs (colored in white background with front view)
  • letter of authorization
  • letter of invitation from brazil
  • official letter addressed to the Brazilian consulate
  • criminal records
  • proof of address and insurance
  • medical requirements


Chile Visa Requirements

  • valid passport for at least 18 months and longer
  • photocopy of passport
  • completed application form
  • four passport-sized photographs
  • recent police clearance certificate
  • official letter from your employer to the consul
  • medical requirements like international certificate of health and vaccination


Colombia Visa Requirements

  • valid passport for at least 3 months and longer
  • photocopy of passport
  • three passport-sized photographs (white background)
  • proof of job qualification
  • employer information


Ecuador Visa Requirements

  • valid passport for at least six months
  • photocopy of passport
  • two copies of application form
  • passport-sized photographs
  • Résumé
  • application letter addressed to the consulate


Guyana Visa Requirements

  • valid passport for at least 90 days
  • photocopy of passport
  • passport-sized photographs
  • work permit
  • proof of departure


Paraguay Visa Requirements

  • valid passport valid for 6 months
  • application Form
  • passport-sized photographs (2×2 colored in white background with front view)
  • proof of identification and address
  • application letter addressed to the consulate


Peru Visa Requirements          

  • valid passport
  • photocopy of passport
  • application form
  • passport-sized photographs
  • foreign Resident ID Card


Uruguay Visa Requirements

  • valid passport
  • passport-sized photographs
  • legalized certificate by the sponsoring company
  • proof of company’s inscription
  • health certificates
  • labor contract


Venezuela Visa Requirements

  • valid passport
  • photocopy of passport
  • application form
  • passport-sized photographs (2×2 colored in white background with front view)
  • work permit authorization
  • financial requirements
  • proof of departure


Prepare your requirements

Submit the above-mentioned requirements to the Consulate office in your country. There may still be additional documents needed for the approval of your working visa. Confirm with the office the complete requirements to save time and money.

And just a heads up, completing your working visa can be a very a tough journey. Countless papers and numerous interviews are some of the things you need to conquer. As early as now, you need to practice your patience and dedication because once you work abroad, that’s a whole different world. The completion of your visa is just the initial step to some of the great adjustments in your working life.



Ask for some updates


The processing time and approval of your working visa will depend on the country. It may take several weeks or even months, so it’s better to prepare the requirements ahead of time. Be sure to ask the Consulate about the estimated approval of your documents. By knowing the duration of the approval, you will not waste time calling or visiting their office.



Once the working visa has been approved, you’re now ready for a more tough life in abroad. Don’t worry about the uncertainties because that makes life a bit exciting.

Best South American Companies to Work For

One of the main reasons why people work abroad is the high income, which could not be satisfied by their own countries. If you have decided to try your luck in one of the South American countries, you might as well consider these top-rated companies.

Local Companies in south america


This top-rated company, not just in Brazil, but in the entire South America, is in line with manufacturing, production and energy distribution. With its prominent industries, it has helped a lot of locals and foreigners to have a job.



A notable company in retail industry, Gazin has more than 7,000 number of employees. There are several Gazin upholstery shops and electronics store in Brazil, making it a well-liked company in the country.


Cool advertisement by Liderman

For those who are looking for work in the professional and security services, Liderman is a great choice. The company has two offices in South America, one in Ecuador and the other in Peru. And since their industry is affliated with manpower, there are over 11, 000 people working for the company.

Coosalud E.S.S. E.P.S.S

Being one of the major insurers in Colombia, Coosalud E.S.S. E.P.S.S generates a lot of jobs for the people. You don’t have to be a health professional to land a job in the company since they offer direct and indirect jobs.


Based in Chile, Transbank is another top hit when it comes to the best South American companies to work for. The company focuses in financial services and insurance all over the country.



Magazine Luiza

With a whopping 24, 000 employees, Magazine Lucia is really a great playmaker in the employment sector of South America, especially in Brazil.  Its online platform offers retail services for all types, from fashion trends to latest electronics.

Embraer S.A.

Work on top of the world with Embraer

If you have a thing about flying up in the sky, then Embraer S.A. could be an ideal company to work for. This company in Brazil is operating in line with aeronautics or airline industry.

Banco Losango

Banco Losango is a nice option for working individuals in services like financial, insurance, credit and banking. It is one of the recognized banks in Brazil because of its quality service and notable employment status.

Supermercados Peruanos

As a company that focuses in retail, food and grocery, Supermercados Peruanos has generated numerous jobs for the people in Peru. Currently, there are almost 15, 000 employees working for company.

Special Dog

Dog lovers would really love working in Special Dog. This pet-friendly company is located in Brazil and emphasizes in manufacturing and production of dog food products.


International Companies in South America


This multinational company has extended its coverage in South America. Cisco has offices in Brazil, Chile and Colombia that manufactures technology services and products all over the world.


The iconic Dell Icon

When we talk about laptops, Dell is one of the most talk about brands. It has strive for its reputation of quality products and impressive support. And they have constructed a satellite office in Brazil.


Accor operates in 94 countries worldwide and in South America, there are hotels in Brazil, Chile and Peru. This company provides accommodation, ranging from budget lodgings to five-star hotels. And with that, there are over 11,000 employees for the 3 countries combined.

MonsantoC Johnson

A prominent multinational company in the field of agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology, Accor has also expanded to Brazil. The company is one of the leading producers of genetically engineered seed and Roundup. These words are jargon in general, but if you are into science, you will surely love working with them.

JW Marriott

Classy JW Marriott in Rio de Janerio

JW Marriott will always be associated with luxury accommodation. Tourism individuals are great for this company. They have hotels in Lima Peru, Cusco Peru, San Paulo Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Bogota Colombia, Cali Colombia, Quito Ecuador and Buenos Aires Argentina.

SC Johnson

The company has offices in 72 countries and that includes Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. If you’re wondering what is the company all about, just think of Mr. Muscle, Pledge, Ziploc,  OFF!, Kiwi and Baygon. These are just some of the very popular products of SC Johnson.


Talking about beauty and health services, Belcorp is a top-rated company in all over the world. And with its prominence, it extended its office in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Costa Rica.


For techies, Oracle is an iconic company. It has produced noteworthy applications, products and services that are significantly used in the current generation. And because of the company’s significance in technology, it has spread out to different continents, including South America.


Sweet treats with Mars

A global manufacturer of delicious treats, Mars is ideal for people who want to work with chocolates. Yes, Mars Inc. is the company behind the well-loved treats  like M&M’s, Snickers, Maltesers, Galaxy, Twix,  Bounty and of course, Mars.


As a Spanish insurance company, it  is ideal to have offices in South American countries. And over the years, Mafre has extended its services specifically in Peru and Brazil.


6 Ways to Learn Spanish Before Moving to South America


One of the most notable languages in South America is Spanish. Though you are a native English speaker, you still need to know at least some of the basic Spanish words since you will be staying in a foreign country for a while.

So whether you are a traveller or an overseas worker, here are the best ways to learn the Spanish language before moving to South America. For sure, this guide will help you make your life easier and convenient.


Know the Basics

El Alfabeto

In reality, learning a new language is like a child knowing his first ABC’s. It’s complex and tiring. It requires patience and dedication. But every great speaker starts with the basics.  You don’t just learn a language in one full session. To fully speak the language like a native, be persevering and patient.

So before stressing your mind and tongue, know the basic Spanish alphabets or El Alfabeto.

Master the Spanish Greetings

Basic Spanish Greetings

After knowing how to pronounce each letter, you’re good to go with your first ever Spanish word. You can start with the very popular greeting, Hola! or in English, Hello! And get ready for some more…

Hello                            Hola

Good morning.            Buenos días.

Good afternoon.          Buenas tardes.

Good evening.             Buenas noches.

How are you?              ¿Cómo está usted?

I am fine.                     Estoy bien.

Nice to meet you.       Mucho gusto.

Thank you.                   Gracías.

I’m sorry.                     Lo siento.

Yes.                              Sí.

No.                               No.

I do not understand     Yo no comprendo.

P.S. If you want to confirm these basic greetings, just watch Dora the Explorer.

Practice Better


Practice can make a man perfect

It is better to be prepared than end up regretting. So before you delve into the unknown, plan properly and practice everything you need to know in a country, especially the language. Now that you have learn some of the basic greetings in Spanish, it’s time to level up the fun and knowledge. There are a lot of ways to polish your Spanish like enrolling in Spanish subjects, online tutorials and the like.

Learn how to be resourceful. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to master the alphabet or spend hours sitting to perfect the language. Be creative and think of fun ways to practice your new knowledge like recording your own voice, making a comic strip and writing a poem, all in Spanish. How cool is that?


Share your knowledge

There’s nothing wrong with talking to yourself, but sometimes hearing your own voice can be a little awkward and weird. Thus, it’s good if you practice with a partner even before you head on to a new place because you  might end up tongue-tied.

Engage your friends to know the Spanish language. They might be waiting all year long for someone to have the courage to ask them and learn the language together. Your entire Spanish-speaking session will surely be very exciting and enjoyable with your friends. And through this, you will easily master the words and you’ll have the idea of how to speak the language naturally.

Truly, that’s the beauty of learning and at the same time sharing your knowledge!


Take a break

Breathe and take a break

Learning a new language could be very overwhelming. And yes, it’s quite a tough job.

If you’re tired, then take a break. Take it slow and don’t pressure yourself in knowing the language in an instant, unless you’re a genius. It’s a long process. And if you keep on putting pressure to yourself,  you’ll end up hating the language because of its complexities. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. Don’t be clouded with the thought that it’s very difficult. The difficult phase is just at the start of learning. By and by, you don’t need to check on your notes because you’ve perfected the language even before moving to South America.


Appreciate the Language

Well, speaking Spanish for the first time sounds difficult and strange. The best way to master the language is by knowing it by heart and not by tongue. Appreciate every word you speak and every sentence you construct. Don’t just learn the language because you want to, but you need to.

And in the course of your stay in any of the South American countries, you will eventually learn to adapt with their language. You will meet people and talk to them. And long before you know it, you’re already a good Spanish speaker. It takes time, but you’ll get used to it.


4 Best Latin American Countries to Work in

Choosing the country to work in can be difficult. You are torn with a lot of options— from working visa to wages. And before delving into a new country, you need to have at least a slightest idea what are the best countries in South America when it comes to working. Take into account the cost of living of a country because it will greatly affect the working environment and of course, the wage.

So don’t rush and plan carefully. And to give you tips, here are the top 4 countries with corresponding best cities, to work in South America. Let the planning begin!


The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Before anything else, the city of Buenos Aires is distinct from the province of Buenos Aires. The city of Buenos Aires is an autonomous district and the capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires is the top pick for people who want to work in South America. The city is ideally located in the in the western coast of Río de la Plataone’s estuary, making it one of the busiest ports in South America.

La Plata

For the province of Buenos Aires, it’s capital is the La Plata Argentina. Just like the city of Buenos Aires, La Plata is also a good choice for outsiders because of its economic stability, considering the tourism and financial aspect of the country. La Plata is more laid-back than the busy Buenos Aires.

Mar del Plata

Because of its massive fishing ports, Mar del Plata is another place to work in Argentina. This Argentine city has the largest seaside beach resort in the country. The work in the city is primarily associated with marine living as it is tagged as the Sea of the Plate region in Argentina. So if you want a very peaceful work environment, Mar del Plata could be your working destination.


The overlooking view of Brazil

San Paulo

San Paulo may not be the capital of Brazil, but it is the hub of commercialization in the whole country. And did you know that in the latest ranking of cities by GDP, San Paulo ranked 6th in the world? That makes the city a very notable place to work for, not just in South America, but in the whole world.

Belo Horizonte

Strategically located in the Brazilian chief economic axis, Belo Horizonte’s economy is flourishing. The city is vividly rich with ores, gemstones and gold. Thus, production of textiles, steel products, automobiles, and the like are the primary industries in the city. And being the strategic principal of the booming industry of Brazil, Belo Horizonte is affluent in biotechnology, business tourism, computer science and jewelry making.

Porto Alegre

Foreigners can also choose to work in Porto Alegre. The city is considered as a very important city in Brazil because of its significant location, which is at the junctions of five prominent rivers. Apart from the ideal location, it is also one of the major commercial and industrial hubs in the country.


The beaming capital, Bogota


The capital city of Bogotá is the primary business center of Colombia. Thus, overseas workers are enticed to work in the city because of its growing economy in the field of tourism and construction. And with the massive and aggressive efforts of the government to get rid of the narcotics issue in the country, Bogotá is surely a great working environment for foreigners.


As a port city, Cartagena’s prominent employment is a combination of marine and industrial living. Taking into account the stunning natural attractions in the city, tourism has become the stronghold of its economy. But apart from that, there are also huge companies in the area such as Miss Colombia, Cementos Argos, Vikings SA, Cemex, Dole Amazon Pepper and many more.


Panoramic Ecuador city view


Being the capital and the largest city of Ecuador, Quito has become the center of financial, industrial, oil and commercial business in the country. Some of the largest companies in Ecuador have its headquarters in Quito, like the TAME and Petroecuador. Thus, foreigners will not have a hard time looking for work in the city as it is one of the country’s very  important and prominent economic region.


Aside from being considered as one of the popular tourist attractions in Ecuador, Guayaquil is also great place for working abroad. The informal trade in the city gives a lot of employment offerings for the locals and foreigners. Some of the major basis of income in Guayaquil are agriculture, business and aquaculture. The Port of Guayaquil makes the city a very vital commercial port in the whole country.

5 tips for getting a job abroad

Every year, students are going abroad for jobs. There are opportunities abroad that they don’t find in their country. UK is one of the popular destinations where people tend to go for jobs.  It is not easy to get a job abroad. Here are some strategies that you must follow to increase your chance of getting a job abroad.

Prioritise the change you want

Some people go abroad to change the industry or work function. You should decide on the change you want and give all efforts towards it. Some people simply want to change the location of their job.

Start searching for job early

You may have to wait for six months or more to start a job. You should start looking for jobs early. You should have a good resume that is formatted properly. You should have a good LinedIn profile.

Look for less competitive cities

In big cities like London, jobs are very competitive. You are required to compete against the best people in the country. So, you can target places that are less competitive to increase your chance of getting a job.

Go for the small and medium-sized companies

Getting into larger corporations can be difficult. You can find good opportunities in small and medium-sized companies as well. They may be eager to hire multilingual international job seekers.

Properly position your skills

Study the foreign market you want to enter. You should position your skills to fit that market. Some skill sets that are in demand now are Android and mobile apps, social media, data analytics, etc. So, you should develop your skills in these areas.

Networking is very important in getting international jobs. You can attend the career fairs to expose yourself to the employers. The competition is increasing day by day. You should plan and prepare yourself to compete with a bunch of talented people.

5 reasons why learning a foreign language is helpful in professional life

As the economy has become global now, knowing a second language is an asset. If you know additional languages like Spanish, French or Mandarin, then you have a huge demand in the job market. Here are the reasons why knowing a foreign language helps.

1. Marketability

When writing a resume, you can use your knowledge of a second language in highlighting your resume and making it unique compared to the others. So, your resume has a high chance of being picked up.

2. Distinguishability

The job competition is intense now. It is essential to find ways to differentiate yourself from the others. If there are 10 candidates having similar skill sets, educational background and experiences, then knowing a foreign language can separate you from the others.

3. Building relationships

By knowing a foreign language, you can form relationships with different cultural groups. By speaking to someone in his or her language will help allow the person to feel more comfortable and confident.

4. Appeal to global companies

Many people want to work in international companies. There are companies who are expanding their operations in many other countries. By knowing a second language, you can easily mix in a different culture. You can showcase yourself as a global employee.

5. Improves other business skills

Research has indicated that those who know a second language are more creative and have better problem-solving skills. They are also good at multitasking.

So, knowing a second language can give you an edge over others, and you can progress more in your career. It also boosts your confidence level in whatever you do.

Top 3 industries that need bilingual employees

In many works, if you have the ability to speak a second language, your demand increases. Jobs that need you to interact with the customers can use your knowledge of another language apart from English. It can bring in extra revenue for the employer. Spanish is a very popular language. People also know French, German and other languages. Here are the industries that have demand for bilingual employees.


People who come to hospitals can be of different nationalities. So, knowing a second language can help in understanding what the patient is trying to say regarding his or her health problem. Registered nurse, paramedic, etc. are professions that value bilingual employees.


People from all over the world visit spas, resorts and hotels for a vacation. By knowing a second language, you will better be able to understand what your guest is saying. Resort manager, desk clerk and a concierge can benefit by knowing a second language.


In a school or college, you will find students from various cultures. Knowing a different language can help to communicate with your students and know about their weaknesses. If you are looking for a job as ESL instructor, guidance counsellor or a teacher, then knowing another language can be very helpful.

There are many South African people who are earning their living in the UK. They come to the UK for a better work opportunity. These are the sectors they should apply to for a good job.

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