See More of the World by Working in South America

Working abroad is a combination of sacrifices and explorations. And in South America, you will realize that you can actually have both— work and leisure, all in one.

Now, it’s time to work, while you enjoy the beauty of South American countries because without a doubt, these countries are far more exciting than the others.


The Paris in South America, Buenos Aires


Some of the top rated places to work and live in are situated in the country of Argentina. Amongst all other Latin countries, Argentina is the top pick when it comes to employment From the cost of living to the working environment, foreigners are really captivated with its flourishing economy. There are a lot of job selections and even accommodations in the city as it is the hub of commercialization in the country. Thus, it will not be very hard to deal with the new surroundings.


Tango in the streets of Plaza Dorrego


Aside from that, the capital city of Argentina is also rich with impressive attractions that will be perfect for your vacation leave. Some of the spots you should not miss are Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta Cemetery, Iguazu Falls, Teatro Colón, Museo Nacional de Belles Artes and many more. A far more relaxing vacation can be carried out in the serene Los Glaciares National Park. And on Sundays, you can head on to the markets in Plaza Dorrego and you’ll witness the tango dancers swaying into the beat of the street music.



Shimmering coastline of Brazil city


As one of the most popular countries in South America, Brazil is a great place to work and enjoy. Working in a Brazil means working in a more relaxed environment. Brazilians know how to balance their work and personal life and with that the government mandates of a one-month paid vacation— 22 paid vacation days and 8 paid public holidays.

Some of the best cities to work in Brazil are San Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Each city has its own and distinct industries that help for the growing economy of the whole country.

Worldwide attraction, Christ the Redeemer


With the given one-month paid vacation leave, you will definitely enjoy all the tourists spots of the country. On your vacation, you can start by the ever renowned, Christ the Redeemer. The giant statue is not just known in the country, but all over the world.

Another striking spots in the country that you need to visit at least once are Corcovado, Fernando de Noronha, Amazon Theatre, Manaus and Tijuca Forest. Also, Brazil will not be the same without the very well-admired sport, football. Experience the football mania in one of the known stadiums in Brazil, the Maracanã.



The impressive Cartagena structures


The history of the country’s infamous controversies has long been buried in the past and the now, Colombia is on the verge of its constructive economy. With its vast rainforest, impressive coastlines and urban centers, no doubt foreigners are enticed to work in Colombia. The most notable cities to work in the country are the capital city Bogotá and port city Cartagena.

The calming Tayrona National Natural Park


Never forget to take a break from the frenzied city life and Colombia has a lot to offer to keep you sane all throughout your stay in the country.

Since Colombia is well-known for its gold rush, then you should visit the Gold Museum in Bogotá. If you’re an art lover and a history fanatic, Colombian National Museum Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, Barefoot Park are the ideal places for you.



The vibrant city life in Peru


Peru is known for its rich biodiversity and main exports such as textiles and minerals. With this, there are a lot of employment in the field of mining, agriculture, farming and fishing. Consequently, the World Bank has classified Peru as an upper middle income, making it very attractive for tourists who want to work in the country.

Stunning work of art in Machu Picchu


If you’re too stress from work, don’t worry because employees are entitled for a 30-calendar days of annual leave. Aside from the distinguished Machu Picchu, you can also explore other breathtaking sceneries such as Sacred Valley, Moray and Saksaywaman.


The spectacular Santiago de Chile


As one of the most steady countries in South America, Chile is another notable choice if you want to work abroad. Mining is a prominent industry in the country and Escondida is the biggest copper mine in the world.

Unique structures in Easter Island


Despite of your work schedule, you can still find time to relax. And Chile is a great place to work and also unwind. Most of the recognized attractions in the country are San Cristóbal Hill, Valle de la Luna, Torres del Paine National Park and Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino.

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