Top 3 industries that need bilingual employees

In many works, if you have the ability to speak a second language, your demand increases. Jobs that need you to interact with the customers can use your knowledge of another language apart from English. It can bring in extra revenue for the employer. Spanish is a very popular language. People also know French, German and other languages. Here are the industries that have demand for bilingual employees.


People who come to hospitals can be of different nationalities. So, knowing a second language can help in understanding what the patient is trying to say regarding his or her health problem. Registered nurse, paramedic, etc. are professions that value bilingual employees.


People from all over the world visit spas, resorts and hotels for a vacation. By knowing a second language, you will better be able to understand what your guest is saying. Resort manager, desk clerk and a concierge can benefit by knowing a second language.


In a school or college, you will find students from various cultures. Knowing a different language can help to communicate with your students and know about their weaknesses. If you are looking for a job as ESL instructor, guidance counsellor or a teacher, then knowing another language can be very helpful.

There are many South African people who are earning their living in the UK. They come to the UK for a better work opportunity. These are the sectors they should apply to for a good job.

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