Top Things to Do on your Vacation Leave in South America

Work could be very demanding and tiring because of countless paper works and stressful overtimes.

So before you lose your sanity, take a break and leave the frantic work life. Your life should not be limited with the home-work-home routine. Always insert fun! And since you’re in South America, you’re one lucky pal. You’re just moments away from the calming spots and exciting adventures of this very fun-filled continent.


Towering falls at its best

This massive creation of nature will make you forget all your work dramas. At 20 km high, Iguazu Falls has been tagged as one of the most breathtaking falls in the whole world. And on an aerial view, the falls has a very peculiar shape, like a very deep human throat. And over time, Iguazu Falls got its nickname as the ‘Devil’s throat’.

Its splendor is a clear proof that the place is worthy to be visited on one of your vacation leaves or rest days. You’ll never regret witnessing this striking natural wonder.


Stunning view and creation in Peru

The picture says it all— impressively beautiful. Such intricate construction years ago will make you attest, that human beings from the past were gifted with creative minds and of course, patience. Though it is still vague as to why the Incas chose a mountain ridge for the location of their citadel, the contemporary people are way too blessed to see the beauty of their creation.


Surreal walking experience

Walking never looked so stunning, except in Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia. Considered as the largest salt flat in the whole world, this dreamy place must be on your bucket list. Prepare your camera skills because this place is just too perfect for a photography session.


Starry, starry night at Lake Titicaca

You don’t need to be an astronaut to witness the milky way because your eyes can feast the phenomenal scenery in Lake Titicaca. Located in Peru, this lake offers not just the best scenery at daytime, but also glimmering panorama at night. As soon as the sun meets its horizon, the place is filled with thousand stars, brightly twinkling on the sky. Oh, what a great way to for a calming retreat.


Be at awe with Christ the Redeemer

Overlooking view of Brazil’s cityscape

With an impressive height of 98 ft, this religious structure will never be overlooked by anyone. Christ the Redeemer is ideally constructed in the Corcovado mountain of Brazil. On your vacation leave, don’t miss to visit this giant and iconic construction of the Brazilians.


Sail to Antarctica

Leave your cold heart at Antarctica

Just across South America, Antarctica is a very calming and chilly getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. You will also have the chance to meet some adorable and fluffy creatures in the continent, the penguins. However, beware the penguins in real life are little less adorable.


Mesmerize with the Caño Cristales

When colors collide

Have you ever witnessed a river with 5 colors? Then check out the Caño Cristales or also known as the ‘River of Five Colors’. The river has surprisingly five shades— red, yellow, green, blue and black because of different entities like plants, rocks, algae, sand and water that were attractively mixed together.

Aside from its fascinating beauty, you can also swim at the vibrant river. Don’t worry, it’s safe to go for a dip.



Swing at the end of the world, literally!

If you’re up for a move stimulating vacation leave in South America, don’t forego one of the most exciting adventures in your life and go swinging at Casa del Arbol. With no safety gears at all, it may appear that you’re risking your life for one stupid yet satisfying move. But seriously, all you need is your gut to get on this rope and swing yourself at the end of the world.



Witness the geyser stunts in El Tatio

Geysers in playful action

In the Andes Mountains, Chile, you can watch how the geysers do its own magical stunts. Geysers happen when an icy underground river hit some sizzling rocks.

A tip to everyone: You need to wake up as early as 4 AM so that you can fully enjoy the geysers on action plus the stunning sunrise.


Experience the fun with a Football game

Be one with the football fanatics!

Before you go back to your boring work, be sure to watch a football game for once. You’ll never experience the feeling of being one with the crowd as you enjoy the sport that you love


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