Working in South America

Working in a foreign land is quite frightening—the new environment, the new people and the new life.

Yes, it’s difficult but you can make it. Think of it as an exciting adventure and it will be much easier and happier. And If you have made your choice in working with the Latin Americans, this is your best South American guide! Let’s make your work more convenient and memorable.

The South American countries


Group of Latin people smiling – isolated over a white background

South American is consists of 12 independent countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. Apart from that, there are also 3 dependent territories: Falkland Islands (United Kingdom), French Guiana (France) and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (United Kingdom).

Languages spoken

Smiling faces of Latin Americans

Language barrier is one of the most difficult aspects of working abroad. But don’t worry, the basic languages in South America are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Quechua and of course English. There are native languages in each country that are very unique. It may be very difficult at first, but eventually you will learn to embrace their languages as if it’s your native tongue.


Since you will be working in one of the South American countries, you need to rent a place for your accommodation. The cost of living in a country will greatly affect the accommodation rates in a place.

The costly countries to stay in South America are Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. However, you can still save money in these countries by choosing to live in the outskirts of a metropolitan, instead of the central district.

On the other side, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador are the countries that offer more affordable accommodations. However, bear in mind that the cheaper the accommodation, the lower cost of living. Consequently, it can take a toll on the wages.


Transmilenio, a public transport system in Bogotá

Working abroad means getting to know your everyday  routes. If you’re working in the central district, you can ride a bike, a classical taxi, a three-wheeled moto taxi or a rural bus, commonly known as ‘Chiva’. But if you’re living quite far from your work place, it is best to make use of trains or public transportation systems such as Subterraneo, Transmilenio and Metro.


Look at how Latinas and Latinos love football…exceptional

Even if you’re working, you still need a break from your hectic work schedule. And since you’re in South America, you shouldn’t miss the most popular countries for a vacation such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile. These countries are loaded with natural attractions and iconic structures perfect for a holiday trip.

And don’t ever forget the football craze in Brazil. At least once in your day off, watch the exciting game of the Brazil National Football Team. Don’t be too serious with life and learn to enjoy life to the fullest.

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